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DAYTECH allows one call pendant to page multiple receivers.The call button is not too big or too small and can either be worn as a necklace, hung on a towel hook in the bathroom, or just carried in a pocket as the patient moves around the house. Best of all, it's inexpensive,so DAYTECH fits our needs just perfectly!
I got my DAYTECH system. It has 2 receivers and 2 call buttons. They work very great in the house but I needed something to allow me to work outside and receive notification when my husband needs help in the house, It will notify up to 500 feet away.It has made our life so much better,I highly recommend them.
I bought the DAYTECH Wireless Caregiver Pager to give my wife a way to let me know she needs me.For almost a year now I've been "on call" 24 hours a day and this system has been exactly what we needed.I can think of many other uses for these, but this is what we've used them for. I highly recommend them.
DAYTECH is a great product. We used it after our teenager had outpatient foot surgery. It gave us peace of mind. It was very easy to set up and worked well with doors closed. The price is reasonable and doesn't require any sort of contract. It's a good idea to have a product such as this to help you perform your duties!
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